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(2020-04-25, 18:05)Roland Melkert Wrote: Doesn't a bigger margin of error solve that? Or you could use the primitives to define cylinder shaped collision objects.
Yes, a bigger margin solves most of them, but it's a trade off between false-negative and false-positive. Redefining cylinder shape objects would solve many false-positives (as for studs), but not all (as for 30014 "Brick 1x2 with Arm"), and I don't have an idea to automatically detect shapes based on LDraw files. I assume this is the same reason to have LGEO objects in POVray and not using LDraw definitions there...

To me the collision detection in LDInspector is a reasonable compromise. I just wanted to express my thoughts about my considerations about collision detection in the hope that they would be useful for a game described by K Johnson...
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