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(2020-04-15, 19:41)Orion Pobursky Wrote: I'm starting to rethink my design philosophy regarding how I put together a model for the OMR. Currently I name things by step number (e.g. step45.ldr) or an appropriate noun name and step if there are multiple sections that start with step one (e.g. book1-step5.ldr). Since I've now run into multiple instruction sets where even LEGO can't keep the step numbers consistent, I'm thinking about abandoning the step numbering system and instead focus on submodeling to make positioning movable elements easier. Maybe not even include steps at all?

How does everyone else go about organizing their submodels? Do you put instruction steps in?

I do it with step numbers too, but only numbers.
See attached example (I need to OMR it a bit more before I post it in the Official models SW thread)

So, page 9 of the original LEGO instructions step 6 has a subassembly in a call-out. I name this one 6.

If the subassembly is numbered sequentially like from page 25 where you start building the stand, I name that submodel starting with the step number it starts to the last with a dash. In this case 33-52. There is a submodel in this subassembly in step 34, so that one gets the name 34.

If submodels go nesting, I add a dot/point. See page 69, step 112. That one gets the name 112. But in step 4 of this submodel is another submodel in step 4. So that one is named 112.4.

My 2 cents

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