LDCad LDCad 1.6d (win+linux)

LDCad 1.6d (win+linux)
I've released the 1.6d version of LDCad.

Bug fixes, tweaks and some minor new features.

Alternative GUI templates (donated by Miguel Reizinho).
Snapping information for the 190X library and many additional (requested) parts.
Additional MLCad and technic macros
Some new (gui related options and tweaks).

See the changeLog.txt file for all changes.

I wanted to do a bit more, but decided 1.6d was long overdue.

As always the latest version is here:

I also decided to start work on a 1.7 version even though I planned the next big version to be 2.0.

This is mainly because I have very little time to work on LDCad at the moment which means the 2.0 version won't be ready anytime soon.

But the little time I do have I wanted to work on some fun features without having to rewrite the whole 1.6 feature set first.

The current 1.7 plans include:

- More scripting.
- Interactive animation.
- Collada (blender) export.
- Snapping improvements.
- Arrow generator (maybe).

Any additional ideas are welcome at this thread:
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