LDView Exported .POV is mirrored/reversed

RE: Exported .POV is mirrored/reversed
(2020-03-28, 14:53)Jordan Cormack Wrote: In the .POV file the LDXCamAspect is being set to <-1,0,0>. Changing this to <1,0,0> fixes the problem.

// Camera
#ifndef (LDXSkipCamera)
camera {
#declare LDXCamAspect = image_width/image_height;
location LDXCameraLoc
sky LDXCameraSky
right LDXCamAspect * < -1,0,0 >
look_at LDXCameraLookAt
angle 74.114571

I'm not having any luck reproducing the problem. Note that LDXCamAspect is set to image_width/image_height, but right is set to that * < -1,0,0 >. That -1 is intentional. Can you tell me what steps you took in LDView? I did the following, without producing the problem:

  1. Open 54384.dat
  2. Make sure LDView is set to Examine Mode
  3. Enable Latitude/Longitude Rotation
  4. View->Viewing Angles->Specify Latitude/Longitude
  5. Enter 90 for both latitude and longitude
  6. Export to POV
I don't have LGEO enabled because I don't have that set up right now, but I wouldn't expect that to cause the problem. If it does, I think it means that the LGEO version of 54384 is broken. Can you test with the attached wing_test.ldr file (which has 54384.dat and 3001.dat next to each other) and then see what happens? If the stud logos are also reversed on 3001.dat, then LDView is doing something wrong. If 54384 is flipped, and 3001 isn't, then something is probably wrong with the 54384 LGEO part that you have.

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