SVG export from LDCAD?

RE: SVG export from LDCAD?
(2020-02-28, 12:49)Milan Vančura Wrote: Hi Travis. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to test this. Neither the cmdline option nor the same parameter in the config file made any change in Save snapshot behavior. Although I compiled LDView from source (current version from git) and I checked the commit with this feature is there (commit 75f35e318db0c2d8d06384613da145d98668e194).

So all I have is a picture you posted as an example. Watching that, this feature is probably too experimental for any practical usage now - but, on the other hand, if you could merge adjacent triangles of the same color and (optionally) turn off gradients simulation on studs, the result SVG must be significantly smaller and easier to render for any application, am I right? I only don't know how much effort it is, these two improvements... Maybe it's tooo much for such feature...

I just tested it and it works but it is very slow and creates very large files, so there are not a lot of advantages right now compared to simply creating very large bitmap renders.

Blender has a SVG export add-on, but there has not been a good "path" between LDraw and Blender and vice versa so far.

It is possible that the other non-LDraw tools (I do not recall their names right now since I have been out of the loop for a long while) may have a better "path" to and from Blender.
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