Minifig faces and primitive substitution

RE: Minifig faces and primitive substitution
(2020-02-07, 8:27)Ulrich Röder Wrote: ... the only good solution would be that the software in question is able to handle primitive substitution ....
as far as I know...Studio has not been able to offer that yet ... and Modo users are also lost in the landscape ...
... we can only hope that it will change soon.

What might be causing the issue in Studio then, if not primitive substitution?

(2020-02-07, 9:28)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I have thought a lot about these issues in the past. IMHO the only sensible way to cope with primitive substitution next to patterns is to use texmap!

That occurred to me too, but I wasn't sure how it would be put into practice. Is the idea that programs would be able to render their own hi-res substitute parts—the full minifig head, for example—and then apply to texture to that? (I'm not entirely sure what goes on behind the scenes of primitive substitution.)
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