Minifig faces and primitive substitution

RE: Minifig faces and primitive substitution
(2020-02-07, 6:39)N. W. Perry Wrote: A post in the forum touches on an issue that I've been thinking about, so to follow on with that discussion…

Briefly stated, in programs that use hi-res primitive substitutions, when the minifig head is rendered it tends to leave the patterned face portion unchanged, so it sticks out from the otherwise round head and leaves visible gaps. (See the linked post for full discussion and image.)

Is it feasible that there could be a hi-res substitution created for at least the standard grin pattern, for those programs that might use it? I know there are zillions of MF faces nowadays and to do all of them would be prohibitive, but might it be worth it for at least the "classic" visage?

(Or is there indeed already a solution out there to this problem, and I just don't know about it?)

... the only good solution would be that the software in question is able to handle primitive substitution ....
as far as I know...Studio has not been able to offer that yet ... and Modo users are also lost in the landscape ...
... we can only hope that it will change soon.

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