Patterned parts detail

Patterned parts detail
There is a minor debate on the PT regarding patterns that go "all the way to the edge" of the part. Specifically these 2 parts:

I have both of these part and am the author of one of them. I've looked at them and it appears the pattern does, indeed, go all the way to the curved edge. On high magification, you can see that there is a very small gap but this is negligible in my mind.

As far as I'm concerned, this is a non-issue. It's imperceptible to the end user and we have precedence for both ways. A cursory scan of part shows 8 1x2 tiles where we have patterns that abut the edge (3069bpx1, 3069bps7, 3069bpx1, 3069bps9, 3069bpf1, 3069bps4, 3069bps5, 3069bp09, 3069bp0a). I'm sure there are more examples with other part type. Whatever the part author chooses should be fine.
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