BrickSmith and Catalina

RE: BrickSmith and Catalina
I just found this, mostly because i just unfortunately updated to catalina and now i can’t ipen any of my models. I would love to test a build that functions on catalina. I am running an mbp mid 2014 16gb memory and 2.8 ghz quad core i7. I also have a work computer that is still running mojave and i have an older working build of bricksmith there.

edit: i just realized that i meant big sur and not catalina. so searching bricksmith + big sur i see that it is basically not compatible. thanks for all your work on the project. i love bricksmith and i wish there was something i could offer to keep it going. if you do ever need testing, i would be more than happy to take a run. as for now, it looks like i will be running on my work computer until forced upgrade or on my "ancient" mac pro tower running leopard(?).
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