Building the school

Building the school


The Northgo College (Noordwijk, the Netherlands) is building a duplicate of the school building ... from LEGO.
14 pupils are currently busy with more than 14,000 bricks with which they build windows, doors, pieces of wall and columns and then build them from the foundation, assemble them and incorporate them layer by layer in the building.
If it all works out, there will be an exact copy of the school building in about 6 to 8 weeks.
During the open day of the Northgo College on January 25, 2020, visitors can watch the construction live.

LEGO expert
Jaco van der Molen is the initiator of building the school with LEGO bricks. In daily life, he is a scheduler, application manager and desk clerk. In his spare time, he is a huge enthusiastic LEGO fan. He has experience in building "well-known" buildings because, in addition to a replica of his own house, he also designed and built a copy of the Golden Tulip hotel in Noordwijk and made a life-size statue of Sinterklaas. The design and digital construction of the school building took about 3 years.

LEGO League and Digital Design
It is known that LEGO is not just a simple building block. During the last Sinterklaas, many fancy building sets will have been unpacked. But there is much more. The First LEGO League® (FLL), for example, challenges young people aged 9 to 14 to think of themselves as real scientists and technicians. The Northgo College has an active FLL team consisting of 10 substitute students, also supervised by Jaco, who invest a few hours extra time each week and have recently played their first FLL challenge. LEGO League prepares the students for robotics, a plus subject in the superstructure.
Another educational example is Digital Design. Digital building with Lego blocks is possibly even more fun and challenging than real building. The students of 4 mavo of the Northgo College are currently working on a project in the Technology and Application course using LDCad, a special digital LEGO program, with which they make prototypes of their design.
Jaco van der Molen
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