Part 4592 (control stick base)

RE: Part 4592 (control stick base)
(2019-12-07, 5:13)N. W. Perry Wrote: I noticed what seems to be a discrepancy in the small control stick base (4592.dat): the notch is not deep enough to allow the stick to rotate a full 180 degrees, although the real part does permit this behavior. However, this may be partially due to the snap meta being set too deep—in the real part, the rotational disc of the stick sits flush with the top of the base, rather than being concentric with its hemispherical portion. (Still, this adjustment allows the stick only about 174° of rotation, rather than the full 180° sweep—or even slightly more—available in the real part.)
I had a close look at this problem. Parts are not awefully wrong, most of the issue seems indeed to come from rotation point position. If we raise it by 1.5 ldu, it comes out pretty good, we reach 175°, which seems to match well the part I have here (no, I can't reach 180° without stressing the stick - maybe yours is more used and has a little play?). I propose to create a c02 assembly shortcut with raised stick, and obsoletize current c01. Of course connectivity should be corrected too. Opinions?
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