Primitive substitution in the minifig arm

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RE: Primitive substitution in the minifig arm
(2019-11-16, 13:35)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: So, if we change the design/length of the arm we're going to "brake" the Minifig Generator, in both LeoCAD and MLCad? Or make it useless?

I don't want to do that. I'm gonna upload arm subfiles witch only contain inlined primitives. No change of the length.

I played around more and even when I select a different body, e.g. the skelleton one, I do not get offered the appropriate arms. So I conclude , the MLCad Minifig Generator only knows one kind of arm.

I do not know about any other generator, although in LDCad makes it easy to build your Fig from scratch, doesn't it?

Furthermore, in the MLCad Minifig Gen, you cannot select different hips, which would be required for some of the legs (and also to get different prints)
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