Concerning "classic" hoses and LDCad

RE: Concerning "classic" hoses and LDCad
(2019-10-23, 19:01)Roland Melkert Wrote: You need an inverted inner tube, because the outer tube is only visible from the outside due to BFC.

Mm, yeah…I figured out later that this was just an aspect of the HQ template itself, not anything to do with the end caps. But in fact I need to use the LQ version since I'm going to render this in Studio, and that does have the inner tube—which leads me to my next question…

The donor segment of the LQ template (166.dat) has outer and inner radii of 5 and 3, respectively—but I couldn't figure out how to get a ring primitive with those radii. Surely there must be a way?

(What I ended up doing was making a custom version of 166.dat, such that its inner radius is 2.5 instead of 3, which matches the radii of my end cap. That works fine, but I have to assume there would be a way to make an end cap to match the official part, no?)

Anyway, here's a shot of the finished end cap (with the "wrong" inner diameter, anyway), along with the custom parts I created…feedback welcome!

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