Concerning "classic" hoses and LDCad

RE: Concerning "classic" hoses and LDCad
(2019-10-21, 22:59)N. W. Perry Wrote: Is there a suitable end part, and how would I go about replacing the beveled end with the non-beveled one?
I don't think there is an official non beveled version of 165.dat

You could make one yourself and place it in the donors folder "%appdata%\LDCad\donors"


- use the normal hose template in your model.
- Go to the hose's own session (double click it in non nested editing mode).
- Go to grouping level 0 (top right session panel).
- Select the cap you want to change.
- Double click it's replacement in the bin.
- Click the coordinate panel or press enter to open the cap's properties and check 'inline'. (this prevents a dependency on the unofficial part)

If you need it often you can make a dedicated template for it by coping the normal one and applying the above steps to the template it self.
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