Just wanna say hello....

Just wanna say hello....
I am stumbled upon LDraw a week ago and it is faszinating to operate this cool CAD programm!

No I am looking for a good way to transfer mpd-files into 3ds max to create my own renderings.
While trying to convert the "8464 - Front End Loader.mpd" there are some parts missing in the exported obj and I don't know why?
I downloaded the latest LDraw version, implemented the latest complete.zip and the LDraw Parts Library 1902.

Maybe someone has some hints and tips, how to avoid such mishaps?

By the way, this is my first post here in this forum, I just began to work with LDD, LDraw and MLCad and it is great, love it :-)

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Just wanna say hello.... - by Dirk - 2019-10-21, 20:14

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