POV-Ray error

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(2019-10-20, 11:27)Arjan Wrote: Hi Orion and Johann,

Thanks for your help. I'm looking for a solution to create a large amount of rendered bricks from the ldraw library in png/jpg format, that is why I'm looking into packages like pyldraw to do this using python and command line tools like POV-Ray to enable automating this stuff, instead of tools having a GUI.

As a first test I tried to render just an example pov-file (from the pyldraw package) using the command line POV-Ray tool. So I haven't used pyldraw yet to convert ldr files to pov files.

While nobody (least of all me) ever accused LDView of being fast at loading files, its latest officially released version does support POV exports from the command line. So you can use it from any command line scripts you create, in Windows, Linux, and macOS.
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