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(2019-10-03, 21:36)Sylvain Sauvage Wrote: Hi all,

thanks to a post on Eurobricks, I remembered I made a script to generate cliff landscape LDraw models a few years back.

It generates models like this one:
(higher resolution)

So I translated the code to Javascript (for portability) and put it there (licenced under GPL 3+).

You can download the project (e.g. as a zip archive), unpack it and open ldraw_cliff.html in a (recent) browser. 

The algorithms are quite simple so it’s really quick.

Note that it might go all wrong on you depending on the parameters (which aren’t really checked).  It will just produce nothing (but messages in the web console if you have one).

Hope you enjoy it.

Oh wow, that is really nice! I tried a few runs with different parameters and all came out very nice.
Jaco van der Molen
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