LDConfig file with LDD colors

RE: LDConfig file with LDD colors
(2019-09-27, 12:34)Willy Tschager Wrote: What do you think of it?
I not see on new image part with color "Common Material > 10047" - is it OK?

"Trans Sticker" (10047) color works well in LeoCAD.

[Image: t4xx6ht.png]

And here is comparison of "Trans Sticker" (10047; on the left) and "Trans Clear" (47; on the right) on dark background.

[Image: dThLwKy.png]

(2019-09-27, 12:34)Willy Tschager Wrote: Philo kindly compiled a corresponding visual file:
Both images (when I try save it) has same name: visualldconfig.png

Should be visualldconfig-old.png and visualldconfig-new.png (or add its update date in names)
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