Numbering of Sticker Parts

RE: Numbering of Sticker Parts
(2019-09-18, 6:49)GeraldĀ Lasser Wrote: As we are in the progress of amending the Sticker Specifications, what do you think of adding this one:

recently, LEGO started to print numbers next to their stickers to easier identify them, it looks like common sense to include this number as a letter in the part number, i.e. 01 -> "a", etc.
If there are more than 26 stickers on a sheet, they should be numbered as 27 -> aa, 28 -> ab

WOuld it make sense to add this and is it compatible with the library, i.e. was there enough common sense in the past to number the stickers accordingly since they introduced this scheme?

Wouldn't it be better (and easier for users to use) to simply ditch the letter suffixes on stickers, and go with -nn? As in, 001234-01.dat, 001234-02.dat, etc. For the old sheets where two identical stickers were given different numbers, I'm honestly not sure what i feel is the best solution, but I don't have a problem with simply using the lowest number.
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