Converting LDraw parts to WPF

RE: Converting LDraw parts to WPF
(2019-08-11, 13:17)Hans de Lang Wrote: Hi All,

I'm trying to convert Ldraw parts to use in a Windows Presentation Foundation program, written with visual basic.
Drawing a 4-4disc.dat file for a stud.dat the triangles are CCW that's correct.
stud3.dat uses the same disc, so still CCW and so not visible from the bottom.
The disc has shift down de y axis. I imagen that when it flips so x,y become -x, -y it would be correct.
I use the buildin 4x4 Matrix3d and fill it like the LDraw explanation mentioned. 
What am I missing?

Regards, Hans
Did you remember to invert the drawing order for rotations with negative determinants?

(ie. Reverse the CCW drawing order if determinant(rotation) < 0)

If this is the issue, then I recommend adding this tip to the Culling/clipping page as everyone (including myself twice) have fallen into this.
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