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(2019-08-13, 6:39)Willy Tschager Wrote: I wish they were present and render as speckle.
They are missing in the bins because there are currently no groups whom filter on them. The because they don't have one of the internal special characteristics (plastic, metal, chrome, etc)

You can however get them in the bin by creating a custom group filtering on all known properties so you are left with the glitter and speckle ones.

Put the below content in a .cbg file in (%appdata%/LDCad/colorbin/default) and add a reference to it in root.cbg

description=Everything else

include all
exclude plastic
exclude chrome
exclude pearl
exclude metal
exclude matteMetal
exclude system
exclude rubber

Be sure to do this while LDCad is closed.

As for rendering them this has to wait on the 2.0 engine as it's very hard to do in the current (fixed pipeline) OpenGL setup.
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