Some questions about LDCad and LPub3D

RE: Some questions about LDCad and LPub3D
Roland : thank you, finally for my current building intructions I could do without this function, but this will be useful for the next time, and it's always good to know how it works. Smile 

Trevor :
I didn't see the .exe file, so I didn't know which one I had to use. ^^ Now I have installed the last release. (What is the utility of the other files?)
Now I can use the function "substitute", however, when I do right click / substitute on the part I want to change, if it's a sub model (as a flex) the app crashes. But it works perfectly when I use the meta commands, even with sub models.

Thank you for all the rest, I have sent you an e-mail about the placement problem (finally only one page on the whole instructions).
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