Some questions about LDCad and LPub3D

RE: Some questions about LDCad and LPub3D
Thank you so much for the answer! Wink

What do I need to download to get the last release (I'm on Windows)? Just the files I want then I have to put them in the good repertories? (I'm a bit lost ^^')

I have read the page about the Group/Remove group, but I have not understand everything. Confused Is there something to do before in LDCad? When a group is defined, the LID is its reference, as for example, the group "Motor_without_cable" with the LID "1"?

So we define a group (LID "0") and then we use:

So it works like this? (the part [ids=...] is the LID and [nrs...] is what?)
0 !LDCAD GROUP_NXT [ids=1] [nrs=0]
1 Part 1
0 !LDCAD GROUP_NXT [ids=1] [nrs=0]
1 Part 2
1 ...
1 Last part of the group
1 New group

// Part 1 and Part 2 have been removed, and they have been replaced by "New group"

So the group is deleted, and after this we just add the new group, and add the command to ignore it in the PLI?

What is the utility of this command?
0 !LDCAD GROUP_DEF [topLevel=true] [LID=0] [GID=1pCINOPEy7y] [name=sec1] [center=0 -15 40]

About the steps placements, here is what I wish so make: (my own instructions below)
[Image: 48461556397_3acea1e047_b.jpg]

[Image: 48461393271_4ce1290622_b.jpg]

But sometimes it's not possible or all moves when I re-open the file, like this:
[Image: 48461556722_73952801c7_b.jpg]

I think the problem appears mainly when there are callouts. I can send you my file by private message, however I can't because as I am a new member I haven't access to this function yet (or I have just not found how to do ^^').

To zoom on a part of the model, I need to switch to the Native mode. I have tried, but I have got many error messages, and that doesn't work (I may have some meta commands that work only with the LDView renderer). In the instructions of the telehandler available on your website, this has been made using the Native mode or is it possible to make screenshots and to add pictures in a page to get the same result? (Using LDView)
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