42093 C Model: Race Truck

RE: 42093 C Model: Race Truck
(2019-07-31, 2:35)Matt Walker Wrote: Hi all,

Wanted to share one of my MOCs. This one is based off the 42093 set.  I've modeled using stand-in pieces for the 42531 fenders as they weren't in the parts library for stud.io. I used Philo's subfiles from the Parts Tracker to assemble a piece in the Studio PartDesigner, but I'm not sure what the etiquette is for posting MOCs with unofficial parts. If it's alright to do that, I'll rev the file and re-release.

Hi Matt,
(answering here for this and for your pm...)
There is absolutely no problem for using parts and subparts, even unofficial, for any purpose you want (see https://www.ldraw.org/article/227.html for more details).
As for using 42531 with Studio, you can use the part itself and don't need to rebuild it from subparts. Place 42531.dat in your CustomParts\parts folder, and both subparts 42531s01.dat and 42531s02.dat into CustomParts\parts\s folder. 42531 will then be avalable in Studio custom parts palette.
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