> Existing Parts with Modification (Delta to LDraw Lib)

RE: > Existing Parts with Modification (Delta to LDraw Lib)
(2019-07-04, 10:45)GeraldĀ Lasser Wrote: When I did the Quantum Realm Explorer and rendered it, I came across the Barrel (2489) that looked awful in the rendered image.

I then made the new barrels for comparison based on the 2489 that we have in the official library.

I rendered the image and due to Prim-Subst there were gaps in my barrles, but not in the 2489 (which took from its own library)
Examining the part then revealed that someone has changed the top Quads to Ring-Primitives...
The history section in the file still was the same as in our library.

Did you come across such edits with other parts?
BTW: Which barrel shall I upload? the one with rectangular cuts between the single staves (middle) or triangluar cuts (right one)
Interesting... Found nothing about 2489 on Studio forum.
Using a ring on top is obviously better, a single ring6 or 7 would do the trick (inner diameter needs not to be so exact, and according to LDD model is too small in current implementation). For what it is worth, LDD uses triangular cuts.

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