LPub3D: Output resolution change?

RE: LPub3D: Output resolution change?
(2019-07-03, 12:38)Trevor Sandy Wrote: To be sure I well understand this question, would scaling the generated instruction page(s) to a certain size satisfy your requirement for web publishing ? For example, if all your pages are of uniform size then a desired width/height setting could be specified or if your instructions are of different page sizes, then a percentage of page size would be more appropriate.

Of course, this capability would not apply to the PDF export, only png, jpg and possibly bmp exports.
Hi Trevor,
The idea would be to be able to change the dpi setting, and get exactly the same layout but with different quality levels. For bitmap images, this would result in larger (more pixels) images as dpi is increased. For PDF, the size of page (in mm) would stay the same, but would allow to zoom in more and more as DPI is increased.
Hope I have been clear Wink
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