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RE: What requires a HOLD vote on the Parts Tracker
(2019-06-25, 8:14)Willy Tschager Wrote: [*]

There's a separate entry in the issue list for "CERTIFY INVERTNEXT".

(2019-06-25, 8:21)Willy Tschager Wrote: [*][*]

 It should trigger a warning because of readability. If this text would end up in just one line it get's harder reading it

I guess that makes sense since it reads so in the spec...

(2019-06-26, 18:16)Travis Cobbs Wrote: [*][*][*]

Just to clarify, I don't feel that T-junctions should trigger a hold. However, I do feel that every effort should be made to avoid them (even in the example given).
In any case I don't think that I'm going to implement automatic T-junction detection since it seems to vary case-by-case whether it's a problem or not.

(2019-06-27, 6:46)Willy Tschager Wrote: [*][*][*][*]


any idea how this can be integrate into ldraw.org o is a link in the PT Tools enough?

I understood that the idea was to integrate this to the parts tracker. It can be run from the command line so I think hooking it up shouldn't be such a problem. I can also put together some other interface if that is needed.
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