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RE: What requires a HOLD vote on the Parts Tracker
(2019-06-25, 18:36)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I know the rationale behind that, I just say that if you SEE no problem, then there IS no problem having T-junctions. And actually it's fairly rare you see artifacts (at least in planar surfaces)

As I point out above, the problem exists. Granted, my screenshot was an unusual situation, where the part is zoomed in quite far, but since the artifacts on T-junctions are pseudo-random, they scale based on the total number of pixels that are in the scene that happen to lay on a boundary where T-junctions exist. So, if the above part were used repeatedly in a scene, but each one were quite small in the view, it's still likely that the T-junctions would lead to a similar number of incorrectly colored pixels. On average, the number of incorrectly colored pixels might be less than 1 (so none visible in many frames), but they would flicker into existence during animation.
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