LDCheck - part checking program (1.0)

RE: LDCheck - part checking program
(2020-08-26, 10:52)SanteriĀ Piippo Wrote: I cleaned up the code somewhat and fixed some checks. Either I've read the official file standards incorrectly or they have been changed (it looks like there's been a revision), but I've updated LDCheck, especially its check for collinearity to reflect the document as it is written now.

We've had some talk about putting it up on the PT, so I want to tag a 1.0 version that I can provide to Chris. But because I've modified the collinearity check I don't feel comfortable doing so just yet, so I put up the updated version at the usual location. Consider it a release candidate if you will.

I know the source repository is down, this is because Bitbucket has dropped Mercurial support. I'll need to figure out how to host the repository elsewhere. I'll at least provide the zipped source code when I get to tag 1.0.

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