Ldraw Dark Flesh color

Ldraw Dark Flesh color
Hello all,

Opening this thread because of a debate we have with Magnus on the PT for the part I submitted 6126972a.dat and the color I used.

I went with Ldraw Medium Dark Flesh (84) because having the part and its sticker in front of me this looked like the best color. However, Magnus rightly reported that this part is Lego Medium Nougat which corresponds to Ldraw Dark Flesh (86).

The reason I open this thread is that I believe the hex code for the Dark Flesh is too dark when compared to other websites and also my part. Here is a color comparison between Ldraw, Brickset, Bricklink, and the color I took from a photo of my part:


The comparison was based on the color links done by Brickset: https://brickset.com/parts/colour-Medium-Nougat

Then I went further and compared other colors from the same "family" and noticed the Lego Dark Orange is linked to two different colors in Ldraw LDConfig.ldr maybe there is a good reason for this but I was not able to find it after looking on the forums. Here is a larger color comparison:

.png   WjN10A8.png (Size: 69.52 KB / Downloads: 123)

Also, I found out on https://rebrickable.com/colors/ that Ldraw Medium Dark Flesh (84) is linked to Lego Medium Nougat which for me looks more logical when compared with other websites.

What do you think?
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