LDraw-based addons for free games (SuperTuxKart, YSFlight, etc.)

LDraw-based addons for free games (SuperTuxKart, YSFlight, etc.)
There are many LEGO-based games: On June 13, 2019 Playground Games released "Lego Speed Champions" expansion for "Forza Horizon 4"
[Image: fh4-lego-render-1.jpeg?itok=isYRhcX7]

What you think about creating LDraw-based addons for free games? Wink

For example, I could recommend create LDraw-based (using free MOCs, without official LEGO sets or any copyrighted MOCs) addons for next free games (or recommend other):
  • SuperTuxKart - free & open-source cross-platform 3D racing game (for Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android and other)
  • YSFlight - freeware 3D flight simulator, but not limited to flight simulation only (for Linux, Windows and Mac OS)
As for SuperTuxKart 0.6 there was LEGO-like addon: Also there was Tente3D-like addon for SuperTuxKart:
Addons for SuperTuxKart and YSFlight could be created using Blender (with some Blender addons). And LDraw parts/models could be imported to Blender, so Blender is recommended for such LDraw-based game addons creating.

There should be few categories for game addons:
  • Scene - city, landscape (for example, reuse "Datsville" project);
  • Vehicles - aircrafts, cars, vessels (controlled by gamer);
  • Ground objects - buildings, trees, other objects (non-controlled by gamer);
  • Characters - minifigs (gamer avatars; optional)
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