Online tool for OMR compliance

Online tool for OMR compliance
When uploading sets to, it now checks for OMR compliance, and in some cases, can fix errors directly on the site. here is a video showing how to use it. The checks and fixes are currently implemented in this Javascript file: LDROMR.js and are:
  • Check and fix file headers so they read "0 FILE <set number> - <name>.ldr" then "0 <description>", followed by "0 Name:<set number> - <name>.ldr".
  • Ensure the file name is "<set number> - <name>.mpd" with optional qualifiers starting from "-1" (See discussion below)
  • Check and fix moved parts: If a part is named "~Moved <name>" then replace its usages with "<name>.dat"
  • Check and fix placements: If a large number of parts are placed with more than three decimals in the position or rotation, then round the placement to three decimals. Example: "1 16 0.0001 0 0 ..." becomes "1 16 0 0 0 ...".
  • Check and fix all author lines: Ensure all authors are the same and read "!Author Name [username]"
  • Check and fix all license lines to read "Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt"
  • Set all "0 LDRAW_ORG" lines to read either "Model" or "Unofficial_Model".
  • Set the "0 LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Part" in all unofficial parts of the file.
  • Ensure all unofficial parts are copied into the MPD file and named with the set number prefix in the "0 FILE" and "0 Name:" lines.
  • If the set is from 2007 or after and contains old colors (6, 7, or 8), then replace them with the newer colored parts.
  • If the set is from before 2007 and contains new colors (70, 71, or 72), then replace them with the old colored parts.
  • Inline textured parts according to the non-finalized spec.
  • Substitute parts that have been replaced by LEGO. As an example, 2470 replaced 4459 in 1990, so the parts will be checked against the year.
  • Verify that "Theme" lines correctly identify a theme.
  • Verify that "History" lines are well formed.
  • Verify that "History" lines are in the correct order.
  • Check that tyres are colored 256 instead of 0.

The purpose of this work is to make it even easier to submit OMR-compliant model file - especially for people who are not using Windows, so they can't easily use MPDCenter.

I do not expect that I have found all OMR checks, and some of my checks might even be erroneous. This is why I am creating this thread. Let's discuss OMR checks and fixes Smile
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