[LDPatternCreator] Release 1.7.1 (better rotation / usability / triangulation)

RE: File is gone (MacOS X)
(2021-05-14, 10:11)Nils Schmidt Wrote: Please upload your *.lpc file here and I will try to rescue it.

I can't provide full support for running LDPatternCreator under MacOS X.
There is no offical support for the .NET Framework under MacOS X.

I should either re-write LDPatternCreator (platform independently) or integrate it into LDPartEditor.
This is something which requires a lot of freetime effort.

Thanks, I did eventually get the project finished. I start over a lot anyway so it wasn't such a big deal. :-)

I'm running windows programs under Wine, so if there's something about yours that doesn't work, it suggests the problem is more with Wine than with LPC. Can you at least tell where the error is happening? It's all gibberish to me!
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