Gaps/overlap in part fit up

RE: Gaps/overlap in part fit up
(2019-03-21, 22:44)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Sometimes due to the nature of plastic parts, when a real life model is translated into a computer model there may be some discrepencies in part fit up. This is especially true of Technic models where the complicated angles can lead to shortfalls/excesses of 4-5 ldu. While I'm willing to live with a difference of fractions of an ldu up to 1-2 ldu, when I hit the 4-5 range I become dissatisfied. I'm just curious how other authors deal with gaps or overlap in parts when building models.
Hi Orion

I do it just like Philo.
A big problem will be split as well as possible.
A friend of mine likes to use these tolerances on his MOCS.
Since I was often desperate to present it in the instructions accordingly.

If nothing goes right, go left.
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