LPub3D and black & white printing

LPub3D and black & white printing
I'm trying to create instructions in LPub3D (2.3.3) that will allow colors to be interpreted when output on a black & white (grayscale) printer. Can you offer advice, or does a guide already exist? I'm open to using a program other than LPub3D if it would be better, but I'm on macOS (10.11 El Capitan) so my choices are more limited.

For example, I would like to add the name of a color next to each part — or a color code — so when I'm reading my printed instructions, I can determine the part's color. Even seeing the color info on the BOM would be useful. 

I am able to print color codes next to parts in BrickLink Studio, but I'd like to adopt a tool that works more closely with LDraw.

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