requesting new category "Cardboard"

RE: requesting new category "Cardboard"
(2018-12-19, 22:02)Steffen Wrote: the PT has forced me to put file
into !CATEGORY Panel.

I would have better liked a separate category "Cardboard".

can that be introduced?

I would prefer that categories describe shape or usage, not material, but agree that "Panel" is not a good category for this (or some other cardboard parts that have already been released as "Panel" or "Baseplate").

We already have the "Sheet" category. Would that work?

I dislike two-word categories, mainly for the parsing problems they generate, but we have a precedent with "Minifig xxx", "Figure xxx" and "Constraction xxx", so maybe "Sheet Plastic", "Sheet Cardboard" and "Sheet Canvas"?
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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