Lpub 3d not showing PIL object

Lpub 3d not showing PIL object
guys im trying to add the wedo 2.0 hub into a model. i have noticed that the object is shown in the building isntruction but its not shown at the PLI. does some one know why? it is due its too big, or it cant find the object in a library?

the object is: 19071c01.dat


1 71 0 0 0 0 -0.005 -1 -0.001 1 -0.005 1 0.001 0 19071c01.dat

i have noticed in some models when objects are not shown in the PLI secction its due the file its not find on the lpub db or something like that as an not valid example it that you may have a file called 3701a.dat and its not shown at the PLI but if you rename it to 3701.dat it appears. i know its not the same object but looks very similar too. and for a building insruction its good enough.

any other object number to replace 19071c01.dat

[Image: 4ErJyIn.png]
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