Showcase models?

RE: Showcase models?
(2018-09-11, 3:06)Michael Horvath Wrote: Besides MOC Pages, is there anywhere I can showcase/organize my models that will also allow me to upload the models' MPD files? MOC Pages works but the quality of the photos/renderings is very low. Thanks.

I use Rebrickable.  It has a format that is designed for people who want to build other people's MOCs.  So I upload a parts list and building instructions for various projects.

The creator of Rebrickable also manages Bricksafe which is a storage facility for things like the building instructions and photos of your MOC, and AFAIK not specifically designed for viewing by other people.  The nice thing is that links from Rebrickable to Bricksafe will always work.  And if you upload multiple photos of your MOC to Bricksafe and link to one of them for your showcase on Rebrickable, then Rebrickable will run a slideshow of all of your photos.

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