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(2018-10-03, 12:04)Kathleen Kampf Wrote: https://bricksafe.com/pages/1963maniac - "Didumos Sequential 8 Speed Transmission..." That is my file that I've been working on. The O rings are a little goofy. They are located and wrapped around the 1/2 bushes properly. But, they have flat portions and wrinkles. There are 4 of them. Thanks for taking a look.
Here we are... (attached)
I modified one of the rubber bands, I let you do the other one as an exercise Wink
(you can probably use only one rubberband shape, as setup is symmetrical). What I had to do was to
- Rotate the second path point by 180° to eliminate the squishing effect.
- This also uncross the rubber band, so I had to take properties of the path point and change it from clockwise to counter clockwise
- Add two Bezier path points at the crossing to avoid self-penetrating band.
- Also had to adjust control points, as the path points were very close to each other the shape was very angular.
- Finally, adjusted the Bezier path points positions to avoid collision with the black beam 1L

See also this thread https://forums.ldraw.org/thread-22945-po...l#pid29464 that describes a very similar problem.

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