Can you recommend a good CAD program?

RE: Can you recommend a good CAD program?
(2019-04-30, 7:57)Jacqueline88 Wrote: I am a huge fan of the newer studless design, but I find it quite hard to build with it because it takes many iterations.

That's why I am currently searching for a good Lego CAD program to develop technic mocs. If found the Lego Digital Designer, LDraw and LeoCAD. I installed LDD and I think it works nice, but I'm missing some features. Since there are alternatives, I suspect that they have additional features which LDD has not. krogerfeedback

I fully agree with Jaco.
If you want to create reasonable building instructions, forget LDD. I am / was a diehard MLCad user and I am currently drawing my first bigger model with LDCad. Except for a few small things that I still have to solve with MLCad, I am fully convinced of LDCad. Even though it was completely confusing and complicated for me in the beginning. This was only the case because I was used to MLCad. What I like most is the "Nested" mode. He is just awesome. What is also ingeniously solved is the machining of flexible parts (shock absorbers, pneumatic hoses, ...).
I can only recommend LDCad.

Regards Johann
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