Can you recommend a good CAD program?

RE: Can you recommend a good CAD program?
(2019-04-30, 7:57)Jacqueline88 Wrote: I am a huge fan of the newer studless design, but I find it quite hard to build with it because it takes many iterations.

That's why I am currently searching for a good Lego CAD program to develop technic mocs. If found the Lego Digital Designer, LDraw and LeoCAD. I installed LDD and I think it works nice, but I'm missing some features. Since there are alternatives, I suspect that they have additional features which LDD has not. krogerfeedback

Again, I'd recommend LDCad. You could start with modelling in LDD (low learning curve) and convert to LDraw (thus LDCad) to fine tune.
LDCad's learning curve is steap, but once you can work with it, it is, IMHO, the best.
Jaco van der Molen
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