LDCad 1.6 - Placement Arrows?

LDCad 1.6 - Placement Arrows?
What's the recommended procedure in LDCad to indicate part/assembly placement using arrows, lines, and inset bubbles?  Here's a link to an example:


Needs and Concerns:
  • BUFEXCHG is needed?
  • With and without subfile assemblies?
  • CLEAR commands needed?
  • Custom arrows, dashed/dotted lines, bubble callouts, etc?
  • Prevent part duplication in the parts list?
  • Clear and understandable rendering in LDCad
I understand that much of this can be accomplished (somewhat) by hand editing and LPub tweaking, but I'd like to do it all in LDCad if possible.

Can this be done in 1.6x, or will this something better suited to 2.x?
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