How to create the Unofficial part

RE: How to create the Unofficial part
(2018-05-02, 16:12)Willy Tschager Wrote:
(2018-05-02, 8:54)jass Wrote: I want to create some unofficial parts like paper plane, egg......
I open the .dat file for some official parts and find there are many subfile under the simple model. It is hard for me to create the unofficial parts like it. Is there any tools or good way to create it?
Thanks for your help and comments.


After reading the some blogs and forum quick i found this tutorils.
1. Download the unofficial parts library and extract '' file to your LDraw folder. In that folder you should have these folders: 'LDRAW' and 'LDRAWUNF' ('LDRAW' should already be there as default).

2. in 'LDRAWUNF', then 'parts' Find the 's' subfolder and move it onto the desktop (make sure it is moved not just duplicated).
3. Download 'Textmate' then after installing. goto 'file', 'open'.
4. Locate the 'parts' folder in 'LDRAWUNF' and in the parts folder select all of the dat files and hit 'open'. (there should be nothing but .dat files in that folder since we moved the 's' folder).
5. Goto 'edit' and click 'find', then 'find in project'.
6. Type in the 'find' bar '\' (with no quotes) and hit 'find'.
7. In the 'replace' box, type in '/' (no quotes) and hit 'replace all'
8. Close the box and go to 'file', 'save all'.
9. Now go ahead and move the 's' folder back into the 'parts' folder (in 'LDRAWUNF')
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