Looking for a parts author to team up with.

RE: Looking for a parts author to team up with.
(2018-04-30, 13:00)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Well, there may not be a need to buy expensive sets (with expensive shipment). Parts for which you need models would be enough... And even that may not be needed. For example the stingray helmet is available in LDD, only requiring a conversion and LDraw tuning. The raw converted part is already available here: http://www.digital-bricks.de/en/file.php?part=30202
There are also a lot of animal heads available, just waiting for conversion...

Now I am no sure to be able to devote enough time to make all the parts you need. This is a hobby, and I prefer it remains so Wink

Well, that's pretty cool, also yeah, I didn't expect anyone to go making half a million parts, I wasn't exactly sure how all this could work, I just knew I didn't want to ask without being able to offer some help.

You mentioned there were animal heads but are there the head pieces that come with the Elves figures to make their dragons and what not?

I was having a hard time finding them but I'm no the best at finding this stuff. I only know to look up the part name (number) and search for it in the Parts Tracker and sometimes to shorten it if the number likely references a specific color or variant.
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