Tweak submodel instances individually

Tweak submodel instances individually
In my model, I placed two instances of a submodel. Now I need tweak those instances (rotate and shift pieces along pins) to make them fit within the main model. The problem is that I need to tweak them in different ways, in a mirrored fashion to be specific. I have studied the advanced editing tutorial at but the nested editing is not sufficient here. Whatever changes I make in one submodel instance, have exactly the opposite effect of what is necessary in the other instance.

Is there a way to decouple submodel instances from their original so that changes in Nested mode don't affect the original or other instances? Or do you have any other ideas? The mirroring feature by the way did not help either.
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Tweak submodel instances individually - by Christoph Wienands - 2018-04-09, 14:42

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