Original Grey Technic motor from 1977: 6216a

RE: Original Grey Technic motor from 1977: 6216a
(2018-04-03, 17:45)Travis Cobbs Wrote: LDView by default won't check for a part more often than once every 7 days, both for missing parts and updated parts. What this means is that if it looks for a missing part and doesn't find it, it won't look again for that part for 7 days. Similarly, if it downloads a part from the parts tracker, it won't check to see if that part has updated on the parts tracker for 7 days. (And if it checks for an update and doesn't find an update, it similarly waits for 7 days before checking again.)

You can set these values to a minimum of 1 day on the "Updates" tab of LDView's preferences. Also, in Windows, you can force LDView to forget when it last checked by using regedit.exe to delete the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Travis Cobbs\LDView\UnofficialPartChecks registry key. Note that these checks don't in fact track the LDraw directory you use, so if you switch back and forth between multiple LDraw directories, you can confuse it.

This makes a lot of sense. -Now I understand. Smile

This helped me on Mac OS X:

defaults read com.cobbsville.LDView | egrep 'axlegroove.*LastCheckTime'
defaults read com.cobbsville.LDView | egrep 'axlecaph.*LastCheckTime'
delete com.cobbsville.LDView "UnofficialPartChecks/axlegroove.dat/LastCheckTime"
defaults delete com.cobbsville.LDView "UnofficialPartChecks/axlecaph.dat/LastCheckTime"

-When switching location, wouldn't it be safest to just delete both .plist files and get a "fresh start" ?
(I can see that I have some old paths and new paths in the prefs).

(2018-04-03, 17:45)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I think I'll add a button to have it forget download times for all parts. Furthermore, I might have it do that automatically if you manually change the LDraw directory.

I agree completely on the 'autodetect' when switching to a different folder.
-I've noticed that LDView has different preference sets - can these be used for having for instance two different part locations ?

BTW: You've done a very good job on LDView.
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