x -----> u ?

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x -----> u ?
I would like to suggest to MOVE the remaining few files that are on the PT named




(background info: the x....dat files are a numbering relict from the very early days of LDRAW. In those times, the x prefix was used for unofficial parts, and when they became official, the x prefix was removed. this way such party get a sudden "renumbering" during their release.
this is somewhat awkward. compared to that, the u.... numbers have been introduced later and represent parts of which we do not know their real number. when released, they keep their u......dat filename from the PT. IMHO that mechanism is better.)

There is only a tiny handful of such x.......dat files left on the PT,
and I would like to avoid them in future. After they have been renumbered to u.........dat,
the PT should be adjusted to no longer allow x........dat uploads.
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