[LDPartEditor] 0.8.41 Beta Released (LDPartEditor.exe / Setup.exe)

LDPE skips the welcome dialogue?
(2018-01-17, 17:50)Willy Tschager Wrote: The Installer offers you to directly launch the prog. I got no pop-up asking to the LDraw path or the user/author name. Downloading the LDConfig.ldr therefore failed. No icons of the prims. Once I closed/reopend the prog I got the pop-up. Now everything is back to normal.


Thanks for this bug report, but I can't reproduce this issue...
It seems that LDPE had already found a somehow broken settings file on your computer located somewhere??
I am a little confused right now. I tested it several times on Win10 and Win8.

I tried to reproduce it by
1.) deleting my configuration file, uninstalling LDPartEditor completely
2.) install it as administrator
3.) repeating step 1, deleting my configuration file, uninstalling LDPartEditor completely
4.) install it as a standard user

In theory the code does not allow to "skip" the configuration, there has to be a pop-up with an OK button:

       final File configFile = new File(WorkbenchManager.CONFIG_GZ);

       // If your configuration file does not exist:
       if (!configFile.exists()) {

           // This is our first time we use the application.
           // Start a little wizard for the user dependent properties.
           if (new StartupDialog(Display.getDefault().getActiveShell()).open() == IDialogConstants.OK_ID) {

               // Save the changes, which were made by the user
           } else {
               // Dispose ...
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