LDCad 1.6b suport files test

RE: LDCad 1.6b suport files test
Works fine so far. The only thing I noticed is that the 31623/6523 duplo axle with 8t gear are missing the "slide" property.

The misc hinges bin might need a forced mascot, currently on my machine it uses the (unofficial) Fabuland merry go round seat holder...

Quote:I'm wondering about the electric parts group though, should I extend it more and maybe subdivide or keep it restricted to the non technic stuff like it is now?
Not an easy one... there are some inconsistencies (eg. I find the RCX in the Technic Mindstorms group, but I have to go to the generic electric group to find its sensors). Where do I find battery boxes (Technic or not)? What about Wedo parts?
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