Custom Textured part does not render correct

RE: Custom Textured part does not render correct
(2018-01-11, 6:53)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: Travis Cobbs or Travor Sandy (if you read this) any idea?

This appears to be caused by a bug in LDView. For some reason, it seems like LDView is drawing the textured geometry twice: once with the texture, and once without. Sometimes the non-textured geometry covers the texture. Sometimes I see noise where the texture is partially covered. This noise is indicative of two things being drawn in nearly the same place. I deleted the fallback geometry in your part, and that didn't fix the problem. So LDView isn't messing that up and drawing the fallback geometry. Also, while this seems to be what is happening, I can't figure out why it would be drawing that geometry twice, so I am still investigating. Also, I can't make the problem happen when I load the part all by itself. It only happens in your test model.
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